Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Washing The Quilt

Hello!  These are the makers:  Hannie Jo and daughter-in-law, Sarah J.
This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted, circa 1890's.
This was on Sarah J's bed in the old house.  Before the house rotted away, this quilt was rescued and stored for many years.  Every time we took it out to look at it, it smelled funny.  It was kept dry, and so the deterioration was stopped.
See how yellow and spotted it was??
Finally, I got brave and decided it was time to actually wash it- YES-
with a wet wash.
Here is the product I used:
It really works wonders.  I tried it first on a white stained linen dresser scarf, and was convinced it would work.
I first put the quilt in a bucket,
then I just put it in the tub!
I had fun swishing it around and decided it looked beautiful.

Look!  It's a FISH!!

I think the quilt rather liked the warm bath.
I spread it on a sheet out on the porch floor on a warm day.
Some of the stains are still there.  That can't be helped, but it doesn't smell anymore!

 It's dry now and looks so much better!!  It's laying inside the house now, and that's a poplar hardwood floor, by the way.  It's beautiful as it ages (the floor and the quilt!).
The quilt is much cleaner now, and should last another 100 years!
Much cleaner!  I like the Vintage Textile Soak.  I think quilt restorers don't want you to wet wash anything, but for me- I had to try it at my own risk on my ancestor's quilt.  I knew the dirt in it would most likely keep deteriorating the fabrics.
Though tattered and torn, this quilt is my favorite one off all times, because I rescued it, from the old log house.  I preserved it, and now, carefully washed it.  It makes me feel so close to my ancestors. Many of the fabrics are from old clothing they wore.
I think I'm going to have to reproduce this quilt.  I am already working on it,
Grandma's!!  Made for your memory.
Love you.

Monday, June 19, 2017


 A Lynette Jensen Thimbleberries project.  The top is finished, after 
being in storage/moving/etc. since 2014.
 Amy Gibson "Meriwether" fabric for kitchen curtains
 Nantucket Mystery BOM from Fig Tree quilts
 Sweetwater flag quilt
 Some more of the fabric from Fig Tree & Co block of the month.
 The hand embroidery on the flower blocks on the quilt above.