Sunday, November 2, 2014

Farmers Quilt

Farmers Quilt
Center Medallion; tractor surrounded by "red clay" dirt,
with green ties to similate seedlings.
A cow, munching on grass.
Cotton bolls
Pig and checkerboard boarder
Twin cows, rubbing heads
On the porch.  Inward facing prairie points.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Flower Bed - New Quilt Pattern - 52 inches square

Flower Bed
52 inches square
Center detail
Like a garden finial, viewed from the top,
done with applique
Corner detail
Dimensional "curly corner",
tacked down with French or Colonial Knot
This is our newest pattern called:
"Flower Bed".
It is a simpler version of "Flower Garden" and "Flower Garden Square".
Please click on the words "Flower Bed" to go directly to where you can
purchase the pattern.
It has a one-piece background, designed to use your favorite large floral print, or any large print you love.
It is very quick to complete, 
and is the perfect size for a lap quilt.
Have fun sewing this one!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Decorative Potholder with "Painted Ladies"

A Quick Project- a Decorative Potholder
Take two butterfly blocks from Painted Ladies, and cut a piece of batting to match.
Layer the blocks, right sides together and put the batting layer on the bottom.
I mark a curved corner, so I don't have to worry about points.
Make a hanging tab, by folding over a 1 1/2" wide or 2" wide strip and sewing down the middle.
Cut the tab to be about 4- 5 inches.
Fold tab in half, with seamed side in the middle.
Insert tab between the block layers, so that the raw edge is even with the top or whereever you want the tab.  You could also put the tab at the corner.  Ours is in the middle, where the butterly "body" is located.
Pin indicates where the tab is in place between the layers.  Sew a 1/4 inch seam, all the way around-- except at the opening for turning, shown a couple photos below.
Sew on the curved corner line.
Here's the beginning and ending of your sewing-- backstitch at the beginning and ending-You must leave an opening for turning.
Turn insides out, through the opening.
It's easy to push out the corners with your finger- no sharp objects here!
One side after turning.
The other side after turning.
Finished potholder with simple machine quilting.
This was a fast project and I'm sure you could get more elaborate or fancy, 
whatever you desire.
Here's the pattern brochure.  It is Fig Tree & Co.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Butterflies on My Mind....."Painted Ladies"

 Oooooooo!  I love me some butterflies!  Especially when they are easy to make, like these, from Fig Tree & Co., Joanna Figueroa.  The pattern is called "Painted Ladies".  
The blocks are 7 1/2" unfinished, and the seam allowances are accurate.  (Some of the Fig Tree patterns in the past that I've made have needed a scant 1/4" seam allowance.)   These blocks are so fun and easy to make, a beginner can make these.  You can find the pattern HERE.
This quilt called for thirty blocks, and I made two extra for a decorative potholder, which will be posted later.  Cute and extra cute!  Have fun!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Moda Basket Bounty Quilt

The Basket Bounty quilt is finished, well, it's been finished for a little while.
It's machine pieced and quilted.
If you'd be interested in purchasing this quilt, please inquire by emailing:
The fabric features "Dragonfly Summer" and some Jan Patek fabric.
It's really prettier in person, as are most quilts that you see in photographs.